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OSL North American in-person Conference October 20-22

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Oct 2 - Overview of the Unbound Model - A brief teaching on the Five Key Process to healing - Julie A. Jahn, Founder of New Life Healing Ministries Inc.  https://newlifehealingmin.org

Nov 6 - Surrender and Listen - A teaching on the importance of surrendering to the Holy Spirit and ability to listen - Julie A. Jahn, Founder of New Life Healing Ministries Inc.  https://newlifehealingmin.org

Dec 1-  The Power of Our Words - How our words create an atmosphere that affects attitudes toward ourselves and others as well as the way we live our lives -  Ditsie Scobie.  After teaching elementary education for 32 years, Ditsie felt that God was calling her into full time prayer ministry and teaching about healing prayer.  Her mission now is to encourage and equip people in the healing ministry, and to bring people freedom and healing from the wounds of their past.  A member of OSL for 25 years, Ditsie is presently serving as the Director of OSL Region 3  and the Convener of the Prince of Peace OSL Healing Community.


Feb 5 -

Mar 5 - The Eternal Covenant,- Pastor Kathleen Adams. Director of OSL Region V11, Leader of the online OSL Foundational Bible Study "The 26 Healilngs of Jesus", Certified  Christian Life Coach, bio and more information at http://www.adventchristiancoaching.net/

April 2  - Topic will be added - Elizabeth Allan, M.D., OSL NA Board of Directors,   

May 7 -

June 4 -


Colin Campbell PhD

OSL is an abbreviation for The International Order of St Luke the Physician, also know as the Order of St Luke.  OSL Online Healing Communities are open to everyone; membership in OSL is not required and there is no charge to attend.  

The mission of OSL is to bring the healing love of Jesus Christ to individuals and to return healing to its place in the church.   

OSL Online Healing Communities provide a regular meeting place and time for teaching, encouragement, the opportunity to learn to pray for others and to receive prayer for any need. 

The meeting format allows participants to get questions answered, and interact with each other to maximize learning.  Lives are being changed, healed and uplifted to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Keith Bird

What is the difference between...

Online Conference Calls and Online Healing Community? 


Conference Calls

Encouragement for Healing

Visit http://www.oslRegion8.org/online.htm 

Conference calls are a great way to engage with the speaker, listen to testimonies, learn more about Christian healing, a safe place to invite friends and receive prayer.

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Healing Community 

Fellowship and Support

  • Teaching

  • Invitation to express your challenges in ministry and to receive support

  • Learn how to pray with others for healing

  • Praying for one another

  • You can expect to leave the meeting uplifted and empowered!


Past Events

Dec 5 - The Gift of Prophecy - Dr Mike Sabback, OSL NA Convener Coach

Feb 6 - A Framework for Healing Prayer - Colin Campbell, OSL Convener

Mar 6 - How to Receive and Walk in Your Healing: A teaching on Jesus healing the paralytic in Matthew 9:1-8 - The Rt. Rev'd Ron Kuykendall, Ph.D is  Executive Chaplain to the National Director, and Chaplain to the Board OSL. 

Apr 3 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Rev. Josh Acton - OSL NA Director

May 1 - Sharing Testimonies and Addressing Challenges in Ministry

Jun 5 - Restoring God's Ministry of Blessing - Rev. John Rice, Director of The Blessing Place of Western North Carolina https://theblessingplacewnc.org/

Jul 3 - “New Creation Power & Authority” - Rev. Sarah Bronos, OSL NA  Board Member, Director of Online Healing Ministries, Retired Associate Priest for the Healing Ministry at Church of the Ascension

Aug 7- The Slumbering Spirit happens when Christians get weary and worn out. - “A person with a Slumbering Spirit is a person who has a hard time connecting with life, people, God’s Presence or the World.  In essence, their spirit man has not been awakened at birth.  The slumbering spirit prevents you from getting inspired; you experience a dull Christian walk.”    Rev. Dr. Sharon Lewis, OSL NA President   http://www.amazinglovehealing.com/about_sharon_lewis.html

Sep 4 - Armor Up With God's Protection - Learn to Recognize, Repel & Replace negative messages with the promises of God in Scripture. Teachings based on Ephesians 6:10-18 & Phillipians 4:4-6 - Saran Warne, OSL NA Vice President  For Saran's bio click here



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