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"OSL" is an abbreviation for The International Order of St Luke the Physician (Order of St Luke).  OSL Online Healing Communities - formerly OSL Online Chapters - are open to everyone; membership is not required.  OSL's mission is to bring the healing love of Jesus Christ to individuals and to return healing to its place in the church.  There is no charge to attend an Online Healing Community meeting.   

The purpose of OSL Online Healing Communities is to encourage anyone interested in Christian healing, and to provide support for OSL Members who are not able to attend a local community.  OSL Online Healing Communities provide a regular meeting place and time for teaching, encouragement, the opportunity to learn to pray for others and to receive prayer for healing. 

The meeting format allows participants to get questions answered, and interact with each other to maximize learning.  Lives are being changed, healed and uplifted to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the difference between

OSL Telephone Conference Calls


OSL Online Healing Communities? 

OSL Telephone Conference Calls


Conference calls are a great way to learn more about Christian healing, to receive encouragement and prayer for healing and a safe place to invite friends.



The Online Healing Community

Hosted by Colin Campbell PhD

The focus is three-fold:


         freedom to express your challenges in ministry, 

         and learning to pray for one another. 

You can expect to leave the meeting uplifted, encouraged - and empowered - to move out in faith as you pray for others, exercising the ministry to which the Lord has called you  

Membership in OSL is not required to attend either event  

Between meetings, you are welcome to contact Beula Cooke at home 613-253-2756, cell 613-253-2756 or email beulac@bell.net for encouragement and prayer.  Beula is designated as one of several support contacts in North America.   

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Recordings of Healing Community Meetings

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Feb 17/19 Unresolved Grief Rev Paul Feider
Mar 14/19


Rev. Josh Acton