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SOZO and Forgiveness
Recommendations for Reading
by Sherill Brunton, Publishing Manager

































I attended a Sozo Session in Peterborough, Ontario, at a healing centre, last month and I am amazed at what was unlocked in me.  I thought I was in pretty good shape as far as forgiveness goes. Was I wrong! I could write a book just on the benefits of this one session I attended.

Sozo is the Greek word used in the Bible that when translated to English, means to save, to heal, to make whole, rescued, pulled from danger or lifted above trouble.  Here's a brochure with information on this incredible healing and deliverance session called Sozo.  (Please note: the 'brochure' is in pdf format and  when opened will need to be rotated to read.)

We have also published 2 books this past year which I feel would touch directly many people in their walk with God and there understanding of themselves and God's incredible love.

Attach Me If You Can

by Phillip Hamburg L.M.S.W., L.M.F.T

Paul Tournier stated: “At the heart of personality is the need to feel a sense of being lovable without having to qualify for that acceptance.”

In 1975 when I started seeing children in therapy at the Grand Rapids Child Guidance Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan it seemed like the major problems with children consisted of acute traumas caused by sudden tragedies like house fires, car accidents and abuse issues. Then there were the lesser problems of separation anxieties, night terrors, bed wetting and oppositional defiance. By the time I transitioned from the clinic to Head Start in 1998, most of the problems seemed much more serious. I found children who displayed little to no conscience, kids who could not make friends and many who exhibited violent rage reactions. What happened in less than a quarter century? It became more and more clear to me that parents and children were l4sing the capacity to attach to each other. I went on my personal campaign (and still am) lecturing about rage and the consequences of a lack of attachment. I approached the attachment problem not from the perspective of who’s at fault but what do we do about it! The teachers and parents attending the lectures kept asking me to put what I covered into a book and after many years I finally forced myself to sit long enough to write it.

My goal is that the pages of this book will provide hope and techniques on how to help children attach, feel safe, and ultimately act lovable. The conviction of being lovable is what defuses all the rage and fear.

Mr. Hamberg is a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Michigan. He has thirty-six years of experience in the treatment of emotional problems with children and families, specializing in the very young child.
Note-although this says it is directed at children, many adults are walking around in an immature emotional state, because they have been locked into something in childhood. This book is as useful for adults as it is for children

Betrothed an Intimate Face to Face Walk With God

by Douglas A. Wheeler Th. D., Ph. D.

Four thousand years ago God chose a people for a specific purpose, which has remained constant to this very day. That purpose was to reveal His desire for an intimate relationship. Through their language, history, and culture we can come to an understanding of God’s nature as He reveals how to walk in a holy lifestyle. In Betrothed we see this plan of God revealed conceptually through the entirety of Scripture, that His ultimate goal is to select and prepare a bride for His Son.

Many Christians today talk about being the Bride of Christ, but few realize the extent that God has gone to in bringing this reality to the heart of the believer. This is not only a place of position but a valid and real place of experience. We spend our Christian journey in the maze of performance and never fully realize that the major work for this intimate relationship has been provided through Jesus Christ. It has been lost to us through doctrines and theologies that have little or nothing to do with relationship itself.

In Betrothed we understand, from God’s perspective, what it means to be married to His Son. Jesus spent much of His earthly ministry teaching us about His upcoming marriage. This understanding, however, has been clouded by the Western mindset to the point that marriage to Jesus has become simply a theological term with no real meaning.

As we move back into a Hebraic understanding of the New Testament, the revelation of marriage to Jesus becomes remarkably clear. Statements of intimacy such as “Thou shalt have none other gods before me” (Deuteronomy 5:7) and “I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2) take on new and exciting meanings.

Betrothed will leave the reader with a clearer picture of how to walk in a more intimate relationship with the Father. Many old beliefs will be challenged as one truly understands what it means to be the Bride of Christ. Betrothed is the experiential walk of an average believer who desires to find fullness in intimacy with God.

Douglas A. Wheeler, PhD, ThD, is a pastor and professor teaching the Scriptures from the original Hebraic language, history and culture. Dr. Wheeler has authored other works, including The Menorah: A Picture of the Christian Life, Hebrew Bible Study Methodology, Benching and the Early Christian Meal, The Salt of the Earth, The Law of the Fringe, The Echad of God, and For the Love of God. Dr. Wheeler travels extensively, teaching on these and other subjects. He is currently senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Church. He is also president of Jubilee Christian College and Jubilee Graduate School of Jewish/Christian Studies. He is married to his wife, Joyce, of twenty-five years and has two sons and three grandchildren. The ultimate goal of his life is to walk in an ongoing personal, intimate relationship with the Lord and to teach others to do the same.

Note: this is the best book on grace and love I have seen in a long time. Although there is a lot of Hebrew, it is a very, very easy read, and cuts down to the soul on understanding how much we are loved.  Without understanding ourselves and God, His love can fall right off of us, but as we come to a greater understanding of ourselves and Him, His love "sticks" better to us and therefore we are in a better position to .

Both books are available as ebooks and soft cover books, ebooks via Kindle, Kobo and Apple Ipad, Ipod Touch and Iphone as well as soft cover www.essencebookstore.com  and Amazon

Training materials and DVD's can be ordered for SOZO from Susan Rashotte. I have a DVD set-very detailed and also great to use as a refresher from individual sessions.  Susan is also an author in her own right with a book called Heaven's Heartbeat.

We have published many books on prayer and healing in the last couple of years that will be encouraging to others as well as providing deeper understanding for others.

Sherrill Brunton

Manager Publishing Department
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