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The International Order of St Luke the Physician


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Online Healing Community 
Region 13
British Columbia Region 12
Manitoba Region 10
New Brunswick Region 9
Newfoundland & Labrador Region 9
Nova Scotia Region 9
Ontario Region 8
Prince Edward Island Region 9
Quebec Region 9
Saskatchewan Region 14
Yukon and NW Territories Region 12

About Healing Communities (formerly named 'Chapters')

How Communities are organized

Communities are led by a chaplain and a convener or co-conveners. Often there is a secretary, treasurer and other committee leaders; as membership allows. It takes at least five people, including Chaplain and Convener to start a new community.  Because the order is interdenominational, the community may meet in a church or other public place.  OSL Healing Communities are organized within their geographical region. There are 14 regions, some with only a few communities, others with more.  A Regional Director supports and represents the region.

How to Start a Healing Community

One way to start a community is by starting a bible study on the 26 Healings of Jesus as outlined in the Gospels. Participants who join OSL receive the 26 Healings Study Guide.  After completing the study one can decide if they are called to this ministry.  The annual fee for a Canadian membership in OSL is $10.00 in US funds.  In addition to the 26 Healings of Jesus Bible Study, they also receive SHARING Magazine (PDF virtual version) published 10 times a year, and a vote when ballots are distributed for the North American Board of Directors.

Online Healing Communities 

To encourage anyone who is interested in Christian healing, and OSL Members who are not able to attend a local community, OSL Canada Online Community provides a monthly meeting on the first Sunday of every month (except January).  For more information and to regular meeting place and time to provide teaching, encouragement, and the opportunity to pray for one another for healing.  Video conference calls encing allows participants to see who is speaking.  Lives will be changed, healed and uplifted to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Membership Opportunities

If you don't belong to a large church and are having difficulty getting a chapter started, you can always start an OSL bible study group. The initial study is part of the membership when you first join and there is a handbook with an outline for a six-month study. Many chapters have started this way. At the end of the study the associates (you must join as an associate to obtain the workbook) will know if they are called to a full-time ministry of healing.